#105 - Track 01 - Part 01 - in NOT TO TOUCH THE EARTH

Track 01 - Part 01

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Niche Niche said:

Hey, it's new Hell Monkey.

It's been 444 years since we last were here. Thing's are a bit different now, but it's still the world we left.

What has El done since meeting a Lucifer Folk? Could of had an idea if I did that epilogue but... I'll be uploading the epilogue to Patreon here which is now up for... no real reason because I have nothing but the next two pages! AHHHHHH


12th May 2021, 8:01 AM



Kev Kev

Can’t wait! :)

12th May 2021, 8:34 AM


Cattimus Cattimus

This is pretty cool!

12th May 2021, 10:42 AM

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